Yukkuri Utsuho


Unyukkuri, Yukku-okuu,(Okkuri?), Unyuuho
Based on
Green bow black wings, and (occasionally) a "Third leg"
Radioactive material (Do not eat)
Special Abilities
Radioactive, explodes, can sometimes fly.
Thankfully rare

Overview[edit | edit source]

Picking on Utsuhos is a terrible idea (even for a youkai).

Arguably the most dangerous yukkuri in existence at the time, and the cause of the destruction of many factories. Unyukkuris sometimes have bodies, These have a couple different traits than the typical Unyukkuri. They are a little less clueless than the standard Yukkuri Utsuho and much more aggressive. They also have what appears to be a miniature version of Utsuho's "Third Leg" device, which is able to shoot danmaku-like blasts. These Yukkuri Utsuhos are also a little less radioactive, making them safe for humans to be around for a longer time, but will still explode if badly damaged. They misinterpret this as them being feared for their power rather than the fact that they may explode should someone return fire.

The adoption, abuse, and unauthorized breeding of Unyukkuris is strictly prohibited everywhere in Gensokyo and the outside world. Punishments for doing so are normally extremely severe, and an expert has to be brought in to relocate any of the Utsuho involved. The few stories that do involve the abuse of the Unyukkuri always end up with the death of the abuser, a few thousand bystanders, factory workers, and other abusers.

In the outside modern world, however, they are often used in nuclear power plants or for powering submarines.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Yukkuri Utsuhos are perpetually clueless and have amazingly short attention spans. They have been known to even forget questions in the middle of their answers. Although they should be able to fly, they often times don’t realize this until they accidentally start flying while not paying attention. Despite this, it should be noted that all Unyukkuris are radioactive, with constant close exposure resulting in radiation poisoning regardless of the yukkuri's size, and, according to the first (and only) study that was made on one Unyukkuri, they seem to be very radioactive. An exposure of a few minutes may be enough to sicken any nearby human(s). Also, any significant damage to the Unyukkuri can and will cause it to explode violently.

Relationship with other yukkuri[edit | edit source]

Due to the rarity and danger of Unyukkuris, it's no surprise that most yukkuri leave them alone. One recorded instance of a mated Patche and Unyukkuri pair has appeared, but it's unconfirmed if this was a true story.

The only yukkuri, as of current, to be able to be around a Unyukkuri and not be harmed by it are Yukkuri Orins, who act as friends and mates.

Speech[edit | edit source]

  • "Unyuu?"

Rumors & Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • It should be noted that although the explosion of an Unyukkuri is technically an atomic blast, it leaves no residual or fallout radiation, as would normally be found with a nuclear weapon detonation.
  • Also, Unyukkuris do not dissolve when submerged in water, instead causing it to boil and steam with the radiation heat on their bodies. Some enterprising kappa, within yukkuri canon, have considered using Unyukkuris as an atomic energy source like uranium.
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