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Yukkuri Tojiko

Yukkuri tojiko.png

Based on
Kanmuri-style hat, sometimes twin ghost tails
Popcorn (Rarely Uncooked)
Special Abilities
Can create electricity, is a conductor.


Yukkuri Tojiko are a slightly new yukkuri, that like loud noises and have natural bonds with Futo Yukkuri and Miko Yukkuri. They are immune to water but still keep away from it, although they love storms and rain. Sometimes they are used as a source of electricity much like Yukkuri Iku.


Tojiko Yukkuri like to make loud noises, and they will constantly make noises and often snore very loud when they sleep. They are at times seen in packs, constantly shouting out a song, which irritates even Yukkuri Mystia. To say the least, these yukkuri enjoy being loud.

During storms they will mimic the sound of thunder and fire lightning around making them a rather dangerous yukkuri. They appear to have an obsession with sending ball lightning into houses.

They are well known for being rather mean in the sense that they curse-out other yukkuris and make rather rude remarks. Given their electric powers, most other yukkuri would rather not respond or retaliate against the Sogakkuri.

Relationships to Other Yukkuris[]

A Mima (on right) and Tojiko (on left). It's not uncommon for novices in the yukkuri field to mistake a Tojiko for the much rarer Mimas.

A Tojiko and Seiga doing rub rub.

Tojiko Yukkuri always have close bonds with Futo and Miko Yukkuri. Just like these two, they share a of hate Byakuren-types and its followers for whatever reason. If a Tojiko argues with a Futo or Miko, they will always blame Byakuren-types for starting the argument. Even things such as rain, getting hurt, etc. are blamed on Byakuren.

They are also seen with Seiga and Yoshika Yukkuris on occasions and have taken a liking to Raiko, Benben, Ikus, and Yatsuhasi types, all of which have a relationship to storms or weather.

Oddly enough, it would appear that Tojikos know of the existence of Mimas, as asking them if they are the same "ghost" yukkuri will result in the Tojiko screaming out "I'm not Mima! Stop asking!". If they actually know of the elusive Mima is unknown at this time.


  • Easy at it!

Rumors & Miscellaneous[]

  • Some Tojiko Yukkuris have been seen with twin ghost legs.
  • There has also been rumors of people collecting them and selling their fillings in movie theaters, therefore killing the yukkuri. Though due to the rarity these yukkuri have, such methods are not advised.
  • They have been reported hunting Wakasagihime Yukkuri by jumping into the area the Wakagihimes are and electrocuting the water, thereby killing the Wakasagihime Yukkuri(s) in the area. What they do with the yukkuri after is unknown.
  • If a Tojiko with unpopped popcorn is put in a microwave it will start to bounce around, removing it would take great care as opening the microwave door may result in it shooting out and bouncing everywhere.