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Yukkuri Tenshi(Tenko)

Yukkuri Tenshi


Momoko, Tenko
Based on
Black cap with peaches
Special Abilities
Extremely tough skin


A well known yukkuri given that they are masochists.


A Tenshi finding a piece of BDSM furniture. While most people don't own such furniture, it's still a good idea for owners of Tenshi to be careful with letting their pet out, as they will try to harm themselves with household objects.

A Tenshi floating on its hat. Notice how it allows water in.

This yukkuri is extremely tough since it wishes, through its own will, to hurt itself. It is a masochist. Tenshis tends to like spikey things for the obvious reason or whatever else can cause them pain. For this same reason, they usually end up on good terms with the actual Tenshi, while on the other hand, they are normally are avoided by other yukkuris.

Amusingly, their extremely masochistic nature means that by simply treating a Tenshi well and preventing it from hurting itself will evoke a response that implies the Tenshi is in extreme agony and duress. The yukkuri will begin to break down and cry while demanding to be punished. This behavior can be quickly stifled with any sufficiently hard blow, though it may begin to complain again shortly after. While many owners may not wish to strike their pets, and believe that a simple flick on the forehead may be sufficient, Tenshis crave pain and their rather hardy nature means they can survive the blows or harm without so much as a scratch. Though moderation should be encouraged, as too much harm could make the Tenshi "spoiled", craving more dangerous methods to curve their appetite for pain.

It's speculated that the Tenshis' masochism may somehow be linked to its survival. The exact utility of such a nature, however, remains unknown.

Tenshi types can be aquatic by using their hats to float on water. The hats themselves, while leaky and not at all seaworthy, are used anyways, the water either ignored or accepted by the Tenshi. They also appear to take longer to dissolve in water,

Relationships to other Yukkuris[]

A Iku and Tenshi enjoying one another company and accessories.

Kowriggles around a Tenshi, with one biting the Tenshi.

Other yukkuris tend to stay away from it due to its masochistic personality (they think its strange), though there is an exception with Iku-types, which tends to enjoy being around Tenshi yukkuris. Other yukkuri that enjoy, either by harming or being generally nice, are Wriggles, Yukkuri Yuuka, and Yukkuri Yukari.

For some unknown reason, they are seen as enemies of Yukkuri Suikas.  


Usually, Yukkuri Tenshis beg to be attacked. Most of the time, their speech isn't limited to one phrase and they can be quite talkative. Their speech is described as "spoiled".

  • Hurt me easy!
  • Punishment! Punishment!

Rumors & Miscellaneous[]

  • It is said you can completely impale a Tenshi yukkuri and it will not die from it. They are "built" to withstand large amounts of punishments and are known for their masochistic personality, a popular pet of sadists or abusers. However, they have begun to become popular with "regular" yukkuri fans.
  • An ordinary yukkuri will burst if it falls a certain height, but a Yukkuri Tenshi will not die as easily.
  • It was once believed that Yukkuri Tenshi's were like Suikas due to the toughness the two share. This may have caused the dislike between the two.