Note: Recently, thanks to breeders, a non-deadly and easily obtainable Shanghai has been produced. However, most Shanghai purist disregard this type of yukkuri, claiming them to be inferior to the real yukkuri Shanghai. Therefore, the yukkuri in this article is the "real" Shanghai and not the easier to obtain yukkuri.

Yukkuri Shanghai


Based on
Small red bow, tiny wings
Truffle Nougat
Special Abilities
Flight, small body size, and can fire a powerful "Yukkuri Beam" once per day. Unable to reproduce


A small, mysterious, and at times dangerous yukkuri. Due to their power, rarity, and cute appearance makes them highly sought after by yukkuri enthusiasts and collectors.


The Yukkuri Shanghai is a small yukkuri that never grows beyond its koyukkuri size, Their tiny insect-like wings constantly shed and regenerate, but do not appear to be related to their ability to fly (The reason for their flight is as of yet unknown but is presumed to be magic).

These little yukkuri have been known to fire a large beam of light (luckily only once per day) known as the "Yukkuri Beam" or "Doll Spark", a very destructive attack. Despite this rarely seen power, Yukkuri Shanghais are very easily manipulated, following all instructions given to the letter no matter who is telling them what to do; They can even be tricked into attacking their own parents by simply telling them to "Shoot those Yukkuri." In addition, this could be very dangerous, since they take instructions like "Hold this for a second." quite literally.

Because the "Tsundere Alices", a rare form of Alice who give birth to yukkuri rather then impregnate others, only willingly reproduce with Yukkurisas, Yukkuri Shanghais are almost only found with their parent Yukkuris and are sometimes used in a odd self-defense by them. Yukkuri Shanghais are unable to reproduce at all, and appear to be completely sterile. This, along with the fact that they are only rarely born in the first place, makes them very rare despite being born of a common parent.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Due to the fact they rarely, if ever, leave their parents, Yukkuri Shanghais are never seen interacting with other yukkuri.


  • Shanghai!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Normally Yukkuri Shanghai ride on the backs of their parents, sometimes even hiding under the hats of Yukkurisas, surprising would-be attackers.
  • Yukkuri Shanghais are born 1 in every 20 normal koyukkuri.
  • Normally, Alice-types seem to think that Yukkuri Shanghais are Koalices, and will not attempt to rape them or those with them if they are the raper types. Non-raper types will be quick to befriend Shanghais, assuming the Shangai is on its own.
  • Despite rumors, they do not die after firing their "Yukkuri Beam", but their wings do sometimes fall off immediately after firing their daily shot.
  • It was said that Yukkuri Hourai came into existance due to a factory's experment with Shanghais. The end result was not well.