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Yukkuri Sekibanki


Based on
Ribbon, Sometimes capelet and small Cape
Mix of red fruits
"Half" bodied
Special Abilities
It can multiply itself but the clones will die fast. Often mistaken for the real Sekibanki's head.


A new and hyperactive yukkuri seen wandering around cities and woods at night. Has the ability to make clones of itself.


Being well known for being hyperactive, Sekikuri have the rather unique ability to make more copies of itself, confusing any would-be attackers and allowing the Sekikuri to escape. They appear to not regard these clones as living yukkuri, and has no problem sending these clones into harms way so long as the real Sekikuri is safe. The clones themselves have very limited lifespans (or around five minutes, though reports of lifespans of an hour or more have been reported). The clones also lack a filling and upon death will simply crumble into flour.

Quite shy in nature, despite enjoying scaring other yukkuri, and very reserved. Two traits not expected in a hyperactive yukkuri.

Relationships to other yukkuris[]

Being a new type of yukkuri, interactions are limited between Sekikuri and other yukkuri. They are known to scare other yukkuri, putting them at odds with Yukkuri Kogasa.

They are seen as friends, and at times mates, with Yukkuri Kagerou and Yukkuri Wakasagihime.

A Sekibanki and Kogasa.


  • I'm the real Sekibanki!

Rumors & Miscellaneous[]

  • It's said that if more then one Sekikuri meet, they will argue which one is the real one.
  • The real Sekibanki appears to be quite fond of these yukkuri.
  • Some have questioned if this is really a yukkuri at all, or just Sekibanki without her body.

The real Sekibanki with a yukkuri. She appears to be fond of them.