Yukkuri Sanae


Based on
Green frog, coiled bluish-grey snake, and white hair band
Miracle fruit jam
Special Abilities
In some stories, only produced by a Yukkuri Kanako and a Yukkuri Suwako mating with one another. In the same stories, also can only give birth to Kanako and Suwakos as well.



A rather self-insured Sanae.

A rare type of Yukkuri found around Youkai Mountain, Sanae are noted for the fact that in most stories they are only born to Yukkuri Kanako and Yukkuri Suwako.



A Sanae (notice the use of a leaf as an umbrella) in the rain.

Fairly agreeable and very cheerful, Yukkuri Sanaes seem to act like typical yukkuris in every way. With only one notable exception. If they they encounter a Kogasa, the Sanae will become hostile for some unknown reason and rape or outright kill the poor Kogasa. At other times, Sanaes can exhibit a psychopathic tendency, killing off all other yukkuri and claiming itself to be the better yukkuri. These incidents are, however, rare. Though Sanaes still have a rather unusual large ego which has lead to many incidents of the ego backfiring on the Sanae.

As stated above, in most stories Yukkunaes are only born (in the wild at least) when Yukkuri Kanakos and Suwakos mate with each other. Typically the Suwakkuri will lay an unusually large egg, perfectly round and about the size of a softball, which will hatch within a week, revealing a newborn Koyukkuri Sanae. When born via the normal method of reproduction, it follows the normal procedure. In return, Yukkunaes are only able to reproduce Yukkuri Kanakos and Suwakos, not simply giving birth to those types of yukkuri themselves, but also causing their mates to give birth to those types of yukkuri as well. This often leads to misunderstandings, and hurt feelings when Yukkunaes mate with yukkuris other than the same types they were born from (Typically these are Reimus, but others have occurred as well). 

Relationships to Other YukkurisEdit


Sanaes really don't like Kogasas.

Yukkunaes exhibit personalities similar to those of Yukkureimus, and seem to get along with them very well. As stated before, they are agreeable, if not egotistical and prideful at times, except in the case of Kogasa, in which case they act violent and often rape the Kogasa for no other reason but to torment them or just outright kill them. This does appear to only occur in wild yukkuri, as domesticated Kogasas and Sanaes usually get along with each other and are even known to mate.

Rumors and MiscellaneousEdit

  • Although Yukkuri Sanaes are kept as pets, it is not recommended that anyone try to capture wild Yukkunaes, since their families will almost always include at least one Yukkuri Kanako that will protect it from harm.