Yukkuri Rumia


Based on
Bow on side of head or her 'amulet'
Bean Paste
Special Abilities
Can create & control "Darkness"

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bodied Sonanokakkuri with the real Rumia.

A fairly rare species of Yukkuri that normally lives in dark shady areas. Childishly asks "Is that so?" constantly, no matter the conversation.

Although they attempt to hunt and eat other yukkuris, Yukkuri Rumias tend to be poor hunters, often ending up with them eating only plants and other non-moving sources of food.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

A dizzy Ruima.

A sleeping pet Rumia.

Yukkuri Rumias would be a fairly normal type of yukkuri, if not for two major abilities. Or rather one ability, and an as of yet not fully understood phenomenon.

First, as a defense mechanism, they are able to create and control darkness in ways similar to the real Rumia, causing the area they are in to be plunged into darkness. However, as an ironic consequence, Yukkuri Rumias are inherently afraid of the dark, particularly if they can not see anything at all. This causes the disturbing situation of what sounds to be a child (Or children) screaming in what appears to be pitch-black darkness, making it really a very, very poor hunter (and scaring any nearby humans).

And second, if the bow accessory is ever removed, the Yukkuri Rumia will undergo a strange metamorphosis. The full details of this are almost completely unknown, as the first thing that happens is that the distraught yukkuri and the area around it is completely engulfed in darkness. Thus far, only two things have been verified about this transformation; The Yukkuri Rumia loses its fear of the dark and those responsible for the loss of its accessory disappear without a trace. Rumia's could be one of the most deadly yukkuri in existance.

Thanks to breeders, however, a less violent Rumia (one that won't kill humans, even with the amulet removed) has been created. However, it's still rare to find on the market. Those wanting a pet Rumia are strongly advised to purchase a "bred" Rumia and not try to catch a wild one.

A Ruima enjoying the night sky.

Relationship to other Yukkuri[edit | edit source]

Sonanokakkuris, at least wild ones, have trouble befriending other yukkuri due to its predatory nature and childish (even for a yukkuri) speech patterns. They have been observed befriending Mystias, mating with them if possible. Cirnos are another friend and mate of Sonanokakkuri. And while never mating with Sonanokakkuris, Wriggles have been seen befriending this yukkuri.

In captivity, Rumias show close attraction and association with Reimus. They will also befriend most other pet yukkuri. Caution is advised, however, with pet Sonanokakkuris. If another yukkuri happens to remove the "amulet", the Sonanokakkuri will become very violent towards said yukkuri and will try to attack them.

Speech[edit | edit source]

  • Is that so? (So~nanoka~)

Rumors & Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • According to some stories, these yukkuri grow faster than usual if they eat human meat. But, according to the same story, even if they grow on a more powerful form sometimes called DosuRumia, they won't try to eat human, except to defend themselves.
  • They are seen with glowing red eyes at night, despite not changing their personalities.
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