Yukkuri Ran


Ran, Doku
Based on
Fluffy hat and many fluffy fox tails (at least nine)
Rice or tofu?
Special Abilities
Can count



A Ran and koyukkuri Chen.

A yukkuri based upon Ran Yakumo. Know for its fluffy tails, intelligence, cheerful personality, and of course its undying love for Chen and yukkuri Chen.



Bodied Ran with a Chen.

While generally calm in nature, the Ran types can become utterly obsessed with Chen-types. They desire Chens to the point that finding a Ran that has mated with another yukkuri type is extremely rare. Rans will often pamper the Chen that they have taken as their partner with many gifts and presents, along with being extremely protective of them. After leaving to forage for food, or being away for a while, upon returning to their family and partner they will exclaim "Cheeeeeeee~n!". Even when no Chen is around, Rans have a habit of saying it randomly.


A Ran showing affection for a Yuuka and Chen hybrid.

However, some Ran types have a mutation in the genes which results in them taking their obsession too far. These types will hunt out a Chen and rape it mercilessly, much like how a rapist Alice might rape a Marisa or Reimu. This is still true, even if the Chen in question is the parent of the Ran-type. Luckily, this behavior is rather uncommon.

Even with their obsessive behavior over a Chen, a Ran can survive without a Chen. Their personalities will be completely different, however, and they will be very calm and cheerful. Rans are very smart yukkuri, having the ability to count and do basic math. Unlike Yukkuri Patchouli, another intelligent yukkuri, Rans do not have the ability to read but are not tricksters like Yukkuri Tewi. Owners of single Rans report that their yukkuri will not only ask them deeper questions then when and where is food, but their Rans honestly care about their owner and if they note something is wrong will actually try to understand the problem their owner has and try to solve it. They make good pets for those who want a high-intelligence yukkuri, though it's advised to not introduce a Chen to them, as they will quickly lose such intelligence and focus only on Chen.

Relationship with other yukkuriEdit

While usually seen around Chens whenever they get the chance, Rans have been observed being around other yukkuri and rarely mating with said other yukkuri. Due to their calm nature (so long as no Chen is around) and the fact they have the ability to count makes them useful in communities, taking stock of surplus food, yukkuri numbers, etc.

They are seen as rivals of Yukkuri Mamizou, with the two species housing a shared hate of one another. Likewise, Rans oddly enough get along well with Shous.


  • Cheeeeeeee~n!
  • Count easy!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit


A Ran eating its favorite food.

  • Yukkuri Ran have a fondness for eating Aburaage, a kind of deep-fried tofu. This is due to Ran Yakumo, who they are based on, having a fondness for Aburaage in fanon. In Japanese mythology, Aburaage is the favorite food of Kitsunes, which Ran is of the type.