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Yukkuri Nitori


Based on
Green hat, Sometimes green bag
Pepsi Cucumber Syrup or Tzatziki Sauce
Yes (includes a unique "creepy" type)
Special Abilities
Can swim & live underwater, able to shoot water


Nitoris in a glass jar. Notice how the one of the left is suffering for being outside the jar.

Yukkuri Nitori have a rare property in the sense that they are a aquatic yukkuri. Unlike most yukkuri, which will panic and then dissolve over time when in water, Nitori are happy to be underwater and are able to shoot small bursts of water from their mouths. They've been seen living on dry land, though only for limited amounts of time meaning they can't be considered "true" aquatic yukkuri.


Very intelligent yukkuri. A number of them have been seen building simple objects or using artificial mechanical arms to lift (relatively) heavy objects. Their watering ability also means that they're capable of working farms, and those that are seen doing so are often paired with a hard-working Marisas and trained Remilias who wards off thieving yukkuri.

A not so happy Nitori stuck in its favorite food.

A Nitori building a small replica of a house.

Some depictions of Nitoris, however, show them as being extremely violent and having shark-like behavior, eating any other yukkuri unfortunate enough to fall into the water where they are.

Within the yukkuri pet trade, Nitoris are very popular, and common, pets. This may be due to their underwater lifestyle, their intelligence, or their amusing behavior.

Their favorite foods are cucumbers and cucumber rolls.

Relationship to other Yukkuris[]

A Marisa and Nitori family working a field.

Nitoris are very fond of Marisa and Hina-types. They also have been seen with Yukkuri Murasa. Once mated, a Nitori will shower its mate with built gifts and protect their family with their lives if needed.

In the wild, these yukkuri will set up "shops" to sell their inventions and tools to other yukkuri. Nitoris are likely the only yukkuri that can supply Kantai Yukkuri with the metal and oil they need to survive.


  • Build it easy!
  • Cucumber!
  • Sometimes cries "Hyui?!"


As with practically all other Yukkuri, bodied versions of Nitori exist. They are rare in comparison to the unbodied types however. Due to a strange video, a form of Nitori known as "Creepy Nitori" or "Nichori" surfaced. The common depection of these Nitori are large curved smiles, white eyes, and color-changing skin. They attack yukkuri and humans with no issue at all and appear to be able to take the form of a "normal" Nitori at will as well.

The best course of action, if these yukkuri do exist, is to run. Run very fast and do not look behind you.

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