Yukkuri Murasa
Based on
Captain's Hat and/or anchor
Saltwater(Sea water?),Curry?
Special Abilities
Can make any yukkuri (or small vessel) it swims past sink in the water (includes all kinds of Water Yukkuri). Has a small boat-anchor accessory that can function as a weapon


Yukkurasa are similar to most water types and can live in and around water. However, these yukkuri have a few odd abilities as well.


A Murasa propelling itself using its anchor.

Yukkurasa are a rather odd Yukkuri as they have the ability to sink other yukkuri. It's apparently an ability that they can't control as any floating yukkuri (or very small vessel) will sink underwater as soon as a Yukkurasa floats by. That being said, these yukkuri are not mean spirited and are a fairly agreeable species with a calm nature. They just can't stop sinking other yukkuris.

Due to their ability, some rather mean spirited people will strap a Yukkurasa underneath a RV boat in order to sink other boats during competitions. Though this is difficult to achieve, as they will likely sink the boat their strapped to.

These yukkuri are seen using small boat-anchors, which they can make appear out of nowhere (like Kogasas and their umbrellas). They use these anchors as either weapons or, strangely enough, as rockets. Taking a anchor away from a Yukkurasa seems to bear no ill against these yukkuri as they will apparently summon another one at will.

These yukkuri have the ability to survive on land, making them non-true aquatic (unlike true aquatic yukkuri, like a Yukkuri Wakasagihime, cannot survive on land).

Relationships to other Yukkuris

Yukkurasa are seen mating with Nitoris, Nues, and even Ichirins. Though in the case of Ichirin, they appear to have love-hate relationships. If found with Nues and Yukkurasas, they find the Yuukurasa to be clingy. They get along with most yukkuri types, though water-types (or more specifically those that ride on hats) generally avoid them. These yukkuri are also strong followers of Byakuren.


  • Sink it Easy!
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