Yukkuri Momiji


Based on
White dog-like ears, and a "Tokin" (Tengu hat.) At times seen with a tail.
Possibly maple syrup.
Special Abilities
Able to guard places. Loyal to Yukkuri Aya.



A pet Momiji eagerly awaiting the order for it to eat. They are extremely loyal.


A Momiji enjoying a sunset.

A slightly smaller species of yukkuri, native to Youkai Mountain. They are one of the few known species of yukkuri that is friendly toward the Kimeemaru.


A Momiji enjoying a good belly rub.


Yukkuri Momiji are very loyal, and often times guard the dens of their "Miss Aya" while they are away. When threatened, they will cry out with a loud "AWOOOOOO!!!", often calling other Yukuri Momijis to help them against whatever is threatening them. While not any stronger than any other Yukkuri, their howling is unnerving. However, despite their loyalty toward the Yukkuri Ayas, the Yukkuri Momijis still "Take it easy" just as often as other yukkuris, making them sometimes subject to the wrath of the Kimeemarus.

Yukkuri Momiji often mistake Inu-Yusakuyas as other Momiji-types, and will mate with the Sakuya-type.


Momizi KunEdit

There is at least one Yukkuri Momiji with a body, and is sometimes referred to as Momizi Kun, although its true name, if any, is as of yet unknown.

Momizi Kun is very similar in appearance to the original Momiji, but has an expression similar to the Yukkuri Aya. It is apparently the chosen mate of the Kimeemaru that has an inhuman horse body. However, despite its appearance, Momizi Kun still "Takes it easy" occasionally, making it still subject to the wrath of its mate. Instead of saying "Take it easy", it usually says "Hnf!", particularly if it is mating.

Highland MomijiEdit

There is yet another off-shot species of Yukkuri Momiji living higher up on Youkai Mountain, that is different in appearance to the more standard Yukkuri Momiji.

This Highland Yukkuri Momiji lacks the dog ears normally seen on the Yukkuri Momijis and apparently speaks with a slight Canadian accent (i.e. It says "Take it easy, eh!"). Other than that, it does not appear to be much different from the standard Yukkuri Momiji.

Relationship with other YukkuriEdit

Momijis do get along fairly well with other yukkuri, namely Nitoris, Ayas, and Hatate. As stated above, they do get along with Sakuyas, though they prefer the Inu-Sakuyas. Guard Momijis on the other hand are not well liked by other yukkuri, due to the fact their job is to attack other yukkuri.

They also get along well with Kagerous.


  • "Awooooo!"
  • "Take it easy, eh!",
  • "Hnf!"

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Even though most Yukkuri Momiji are loyal to Aya, some Momiji may disobey the Aya and call it a "complete and utter failure." It is unknown why these Momiji would show such behavior, though, it may stem from the fact that the real Momiji and Aya seem to fight a lot, as mentioned in Double Spoiler.