Yukkuri Mima


Based on
Blue hat with a yellow sun marking, ghost tail in some appearances
Special Abilities
Can fire Trinity Sparks
Extremely rare (if not extinct)


An older yukkuri, like Shinkis, and extremely rare. Not much data is known about it.


It has been said Yukkuri MIma has an intimidating power to be able to kill humans and other yukkuri alike with ease. In reality, unlike actually human killers, such as Mokotans, Hourais,Utsuhos,and Medicines,a Mima has never actually been recorded killing a human. This may be because Mimas are extremely rare (if not extinct).

Behavior wise, Mimas are tough, rude, and not very nice. They will insult other yukkuri or simply kill them on the spot. It is unknown what yukkuri they mate with, however, but it's believed they mate with each other.

Relationships to other YukkurisEdit

They are rumored to be worshiped by Marisas and cause Reimus to become really jealous and agitated.

Recently, the more common (relatively speaking) Yukkuri Tojikos have been mistaken for the much more rarer Mimas. Strangely, asking a Tojiko if it's "the other ghost yukkuri" will result in the Tojiko blurting out "I'm not Mima! Stop asking!". How the Tojikos know about Mimas, and if the two are even related, is unknown.


  • You wanna fight?!

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • In some yukkuri stories, they are rumored to be extinct.
  • For a time Mimas caused a division in, surprisingly, western yukkuri fandom over their abilities. Some claim a Mima can easily kill humans while others claim they can not. Unlike base breakers in the Touhou fandom, such as the characters of Aya and Sanae, Mima seemed to have not left a impact at all on the western yukkuri fandom.