Yukkuri Merlin


Yukkurismriver, Merupo (sometimes pronounced as "Meepo!")
Based on
Pink hat. Occasionally seen with trumpet.
Strawberry taffy
Special Abilities
Can recall & sing songs. Is able to play the trumpet.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A Merlin playing its trumpet.

Merupo are seen occasionally playing the trumpet. They are also known to act differently than the other Yukkuri Prismrivers. They sometimes blast their trumpet right in other yukkuri's ears, causing them to not be well liked by other yukkuri.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Yukkuri Merlin usually wanders around looking for Yukkuri Lunasa and Yukkuri Lyrica types while constantly playing its trumpet (assuming it has one). It can drive some yukkuris insane with its music sometimes. On rare cases, if they take any form of damage (physical or emotional) they will go berserk and kill any yukkuri in sight. On even rarer cases they will stay half-berserk for their whole life, often killing yukkuris for even speaking. This makes them different from other yukkuri and Prismrivers.

Relationships with other Yukkuri[edit | edit source]

Merlin-types unnerve some yukkuris, but like its "sisters" are still over-affectionate towards Yuyuko. They will only mate with Lunasa and Lyrica types and sometimes hold concerts for other Yukkuris. But most yukkuri don't stay after the concert, as they'd rather not face a Merlin.

These yukkuri have been seen befriending Benben and Yatsunashı

Speech[edit | edit source]

  • Trumpet it easy!
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