Yukkuri Koakuma


Based on
Twin bat-like wings
Special Abilities
Smaller than normal body. Flight.



A Koakuma accidentally getting in the way of Koakuma. Mishaps like this are rather common.

Yukkuri Koakumas are a surprisingly small yukkuri found in and around the Scarlet Devil Mansion area. The size of a fully grown koakkuri is only twice as large as its koyukkuri children, making them rather unnoticeable unless someone is actually looking for them. These yukkuri can fly and are surprisingly fast for yukkuri; while their flight speed is not exactly phenomenal, they can outpace most other yukkuri when it comes to movement.


Koakkuris are known for trying to be helpful, but being unable to do much because of their naturally small bodies. They are also very easily confused, not really understanding how to solve problems more complex than simply moving something from point A to point B. Attempting to give instructions more than one sentence long to a koakkuri usually results in it simply hovering in place, trying to figure out what it was just told.

Most koakkuris seek to be noticed, which is why they try to be helpful. As stated before however, they are not able to actually do much, so no one really pays attention to them. If someone should pay attention to a koakkuri, it will follow that person around attempting to help them with tasks (Although usually failing.).

Relationships to Other YukkurisEdit

Patchoulis do acknowledge their existence, although they do not really ask them to do anything; most of the Koakkuri in the Scarlet Devil Mansion are found in the library, following the Mukyus around.


A family of Koakkuris in flight

Nearly all of the Koakkuris that can be found outside of the SDM are the mates and children of Daiyouseis, who share a similar situation of normally going unnoticed by everyone else.


  • Koa

Rumors & MiscellaneousEdit

  • Although normally unable to do anything because of their small size, Koakkuris have shown amazing success in finding small objects, such as lost keys. Asking a koakkuri to find lost keys however, will result in it bringing any key it can find within the given area, including piano keys, skate keys, and maps of waterway keys.
  • Koakkuris normally eat mosquitoes and moths, making them rather beneficial to homes and libraries. Their lack of being noticed however, means they are rarely if ever given credit for this.
  • There is supposedly one Koakkuri with a body, that lives deep within the Scarlet Devil Mansion library. It is idolized by the normal Koakkuris because it is actually large enough to move stacks of books around, and actually do stuff the normal koakkuris can not. However it is still easily confused, and apparently spends most of its time randomly moving books from one place to another.
  • Some koakkuri have been seen playing small flutes around the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It is unknown if they acquired this talent on their own, or were perhaps taught this by Mukyuus.