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Yukkuri Iku

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Based on
Hat with red ribbon, somtimes a shawl.
Sour gel
Special Abilities
Electric, hostile toward human and yukkuri


A pet Iku trying to "fly".

A rather powerful yukkuri who is very hostile to both humans and other yukkuris. It has the ability to create electricity at will. During rub-rub or other similar activities, the Yukkuri Iku will become dangerously shocking (literally), making it hated by other Yukkuri, apart from a Yukkuri Tenshi who can withstand the voltage. Some smart Yukkuri Ikus can even predict the weather to fellow yukkuris, assuming those yukkuri wish to be around the Iku.

A frightened Iku building up a charge.


A Iku electrocuting a aquatic Marsia by mistake.

They love both water and high places. They like to seek out Tenshis to mate with, play with, and protect them with their powers. While not being able to fly, some Yukkuri Ikus have been seen trying to jump off high cliffs and edges to reach the clouds, only to fail. Their power to sometimes predict the weather also comes in handy to protect them from the rain.

Relationships to other Yukkuris[]

A koiku playing (harming without knowing) its sister. The parent Tenshi is apparently starting to get jealous over the "treatment" the kotenshi is receiving.

Their ability to predict the weather makes them popular with those who can withstand the electricity, although Yukkuri Ikus will only seek out Yukkuri Tenshis to mate with.

They have been recently seen at odds with Yukkuri Tojiko for unknown reasons (Possibly because Tojikos are thunder yukkuri and Ikus are lightning yukkuri, which perfectly go together).


  • Fever!
  • Dance it easy!