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Yukkuri Flandre


Based on
Pink cap with red ribbon
Anman, steamed bun filling made of azuki beans (koshian or tsubuan).
Special Abilities
Flight, very high regeneration powers, hunts/eats other Yukkuri


A pet Flandre sleeping and dreaming.

Yukkuri Flandres are predators, feeding on other yukkuri. They often have bodies and are one of the strongest yukkuri. Like Remilias, they have wings although the wings on Flandres look more like dry branches with suspended colored crystals, which still allow them to fly somehow. It could possibly be due to magic.

Their regenerative powers are even higher than those of other yukkuri, with wounds healing in seconds, resulting in a sort of limited immortality. (As long as the wound doesn't kill it instantly, it regenerates.)


A Flan firing its crystals at a Remilia.

Yukkuri Flandres are known for their exceptionally violent personality. They go out of their way to torture and kill other yukkuri. Wild specimens are known to "decorate" their nests and surroundings with their victims, either dead or dying, impaled on spikes and stakes. Due to this behavior, they are well liked by abusers and those looking for "guard yukkuri". A favorite past time of Yukkuri Flandres is abusing, or at least bullying Remilias.

A premature Flandre bullying a Remilia.

But, as with all yukkuris, the above isn't set in stone. In some stories Flandres are rather innocent, if not powerful, yukkuri that don't understand concepts like "death" and don't mean to hurt ones that they care for.

Relationships to other Yukkuris[]

A bodied Flandre protecting a bullied Meiling.

One of the most important yukkuri to a Flandre is, oddly enough, Remilias. While Flandres are well known for their bullying of the Remilias, it seems that most Flandres can't get by without a Remilia. And in some cases a Remilia is known to act rather "sisterly" to a Flandre, mimicking the relationship of the real Remilia and Flandre. This being said, tension is quick to boil between the two over Meilings and Sakuyas.

Flandres have a close relationship to Meilings, to the point it was rumored that the only yukkuri that Yukkuri Flandres are ever nice to were the Meilings. Flandres are also well documented going out of their way to protect a Meiling from harm. Sakuyas, who are a favorite of Remilias, are also well documented in their belittling of Meilings. This causes a bad situation for the Flandres as they can either intervene and create worse tension with Remilas, or they can force themselves to bypass what they see which in turn hurts them in the core.

Besides the rather bizarre relationship developed between the above yukkuri, Flandres do seem to get along with Yukas, Marisas, and Koishis. All but the last they are known to mate with, and even in the wild seem to take much more kindly to then most yukkuri. Not as kindly as with Meilings, but still better then most.


  • "Woo~"
  • "Drop dead easy!"
  • Uuu~