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Yukkuri Byakuren


Based on
Fancy cake
Special Abilities
"Yukkuri call" that attracts other Yukkuri. Mysterious power from Magic Scroll/Metal rod


A newer type of Yukkuri that is based off of Byakuren Hijiri.

A playful koyukkuri Byakkuri. Due to their rarity, these yukkuri are near impossible to find in the pet trade.


Yukkuri Byakurens (Byakkuris) are actually peaceful yukkuri. Unlike other type of yukkuri, they do not label yukkuri as 'an easy yukkuri' or 'this yukkuri can't take it easy'. Byakkuri do not force others to take it easy, which can lead to some trouble with other yukkuri but a rather good relationship with humans. Byakkuris carry a scroll around, although it has not been confirmed as to what the scroll is used for. However, they do seem very attached to them. The scroll could almost be seen as a accessory of sorts, though the Byakkuri can live without it.

Their eyes and mouth are sometimes seen shifted upwards, somewhat resembling Kimeemaru's face.

They are seen, in the wild, creating "temples" of sorts. These structures, usually a cave or cardboard box, are quite decorated for a yukkuri structure and its residents, usually a Byakkuri with a Ichirin, Murasa, Shou, Nazrin, and rarely a Kogasa, Nue, or Mamizou. The clan will never turn away a yukkuri who "is in need". This has led to instances of rather misbehaved or abusive yukkuri taking advantage of these sanctuaries.

For reasons yet unknown, Byakkuri hate Mikos with a passion.

Relationships to other Yukkuris[]

Byakkuris are sometimes seen as being mates to Ahogekkuris.

A Byakuren and its "temple".

Byakkuris have been shown to get along well with Murasa, Shou, Ichirin, Nazrin, Kogasa, Nues, Kyouko, and Mamizou- types as these yukkuri will usually follow a Byakkuri around and help it as much as they can. Byakkuri are somewhat neutral with other yukkuri, but show respect still.

As mentioned above, Byakkuri hate Mikos and their followers, Futos and Tojikos, with a passion and "wars" between a Byakkuri and a Miko are not uncommon.


  • Na-mu-saaaaan!

Rumors & Miscellaneous[]

  • Because of its ideas for world peace, or at least peace with yukuri, it has been thought of as a "Yukkuri Hippy."
  • Byakkuris are often portrayed as the mates of Yukkuri Shinki, possibly because both characters are often associated with the Makai.