It's started  37 years ago, when an Yukkuri utsuho exploded in the outside world causing the greatest disaster in the history. I was but a child when my whole life change on that fateful day, when the factory next to us suddenly exploded. My grandparents created a bomb shelter in the basement, my family survive the nuclear explosion. I was playing with my pet komarisa and her family, komarisa and me sow a Yukkuri utsuho carried by the group of hazmat wearing factory workers. Marisa said : "Miss don't near okkuri their dangerous and if you go them you will die ze". OK, a few days after the encounter with okkuri. As I walking to school I the nuclear sirens, rush back to my house here my parents are opening up the blast door of the Bunker and then a second door this time large lead door opens up their I sow for the first time an inside of the bunker it was large they have 5 rooms, a kitchen, 2 living rooms, 3 yukkuri rooms and 5 bathrooms. And year supply of food and a small green house where a Yukkuri yuuka is watering the plants and the door suddenly closed locking as for 37 years, meanwhile at top of our house. An okkuri suddenly exploded causing biggest nuclear blast in the world, its equal to that of an atomic bomb drop in The city of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the worst disaster in mankind's history. After 37 years the lead door opens up our house, the factory and the city is destroyed. No living person hasn't survived. We look for survivers and there is none as walk through while we're wearing the hazmat suits my pet Yukkuri descented walk with me until, we founded by the group soldiers and they help us. In the end we never learned our lesson, so on that day  we inforce the law we okkuri and other dengerous yukkuri that people will not harm the Yukkuri where near or far from the Yukkuri nest. And if that person kill a Yukkuri near to okkuri nest or other dengerous yukkuri then don't go near it ,run as fast as you can!!!.

The end