Shithead is a catchall for particularly bad and misbehaving yukkuris. Shitheads may display incredible selfishness, unreasonable rudeness, and not listening to anons, parents, koyukkuri, and Dosu. They also have an opposite in niceheads, and both shitheads and niceheads are seemingly more common in Yukkuri Reimu.

Rather frustratingly, due to their high aggressiveness and selfishness, shitheads often take advantage of and eliminate friendly yukkuri families. These actions seem to enrage many members of the yukkuri community. The shitheads have been jokingly described as "Karma Houdinis," due to the number of uneasy acts they get away with committing in some stories. shitheads have shown a willingness to co-operate with other shitheads to stage home invasions. In some instances, other yukkuri are aware of and alert to the existence of the shitheads.

In recent years, shithead populations have begin to drop. This is due to the shitheads becoming more common in and around cities, therefore making them easy targets for abusive humans and yukkuri eradication programs. Many are now hoping for a return of "nicer" yukkuri. In most abuse stories humans abuse shitheads.

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