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Reimu Hakurei
Full name
Reimu Hakurei
Official profile
magic charms/amulets (sometimes homing), Yin-yang orbs, miko-stick
Color scheme
Red, white.

Reimu Hakurei is one of the main characters of the Touhou project. If you're looking for detailed information on that, please visit Reimu Hakurei's official profile at Touhou Wiki. This page focuses on an obscure internet meme vaguely related to that.

Reimu Hakurei is a miko who works in the shrine on the edge of Gensokyo. She has many magic powers and often resolves large scale emergencies (by beating up the people causing them).

In Yukkuri stories, Reimu Hakurei is usually portrayed as neutral or even friendly towards the Yukkuri. Never engaging in elaborate torture. At most she kicks them out of the shrine or mildly punishes them for their behaviour.

Often she's shown keeping a Yukkuri Reimu as a pet in the shrine.