Reimu's malformed sister
Alternate names
101. in yu113.doc
Original language
Cartoon adaptation
Abuse Level
malformation miscarriage, Natural cause

Little Reimu had always desired a younger sister.

Her poor, frail mother could only endure growing a single koyukkuri stalk.

Little Reimu has always been alone. She oh so desired a little sister to share her love and company with.

Days often passed where little Reimu glanced enviously at other yukkuri families and their many cute little yukkuris.

It is not surprising that when Little Reimu saw another stalk growing out of her mother, her heart was filled with joy.

With this, I finally have my own sister, Little Reimu thought to herself. I will enjoy many cute moments with her. We will take it easy together.

Little Reimu called out to her stem sister every day. She so desired the loving touch of her little sister.

However... it was a short lived sweet dream. Fate had it that her frail mother would experience a sudden downgrade in her health one day.

Things reached the inevitable conclusion and so, without any kind of preparation to care for her, the younger Reimu fell into this world prematurely... lil' sis Reimu crashed into the soil. Her skin was loose, and her movements are lacking. Lil' sis Reimu could not walk,grab things,or eat on her own. She could only shake around, endlessly wobbling around in one place.

Furthermore, what met the eyes of Little Reimu wasn't a curious googly eyed glance that you would normally expect from a newborn yukkuri,what met her was an empty and hollow stare, glancing endlessly towards the sky.

Worst of all, what came out of lil' sis' mouth wasn't a spoiled-like tone of a yukkuri demanding the world to "Take it easy", what Little Reimu heard was something that couldn't have been anything other than a broken cry of an animal.

What the older Reimu expected in her dreams violently crashed with this terrifying image. Little Reimu slowly came to a painful understanding.

This little sister of hers.. could never take it easy. Little Reimu also came into a realization that things would change for her too.

Day after day, Little Reimu fed her sister mouth to mouth. Little Reimu had to bear the constantly broken record-like wailing of her little sister, and as years went by... Little Reimu still cries silently.