Orphan Alice (Orphan Alichu)
Alternate names
This story is part of M1's "Yukkuri Hardship" series.
one of uploaders
Original language
Japanese, English
Based on story
yes (some spin-off stories/continuations, by another author.)
Abuse Level
violence, death, verbal and physical abuse, terror (no Anon intervention), lighthearted moments, cute and optimistic throughout despite abuse

Marisa and Alice have a baby, but Alice gets mad at Marisa and demands that "there was no baby born." Marisa take the hint and throws the stalk down a cliff, but returns to the cave to find Flandre eating Alice. Flandre leaves the cave, presumably having killed Marisa as well. In the morning, Baby Alice wakes up happily but it slowly dawns upon her that her parents are nowhere to be found and she has no home. She tries to make due with what she has, but nature refuses to let her take it easy. She still optimistically tries to make due. Orphan Alice eventually returns to her own cave to wait for her parents, but is rudely thrown off of the cliff again by a selfish Marisa and Patchouli pair. During she fall, she reflects on her hardship, and an optimistic daydream lets her smile on the way down.

She arrives in the afterlife (or dreams of the same) in a boat pulling up to the shore, and she meets her old family there, but Mother Marisa throws her back on the boat she came in. In the real world, Orphan Alice lands in a U-pack, saving her life (only to get dropped just as quickly). The Flandre, last seen eating Alice's mother returns to eat Orphan Alice as she falls. It is revealed that the entire situation, from Alice's abandonment, hardships, and even her being tossed off the cliff a second time, have all been engineered by Flandre, which knows that hardship makes a yukkuri taste sweeter. Just as Flandre is about to catch her prize, the dead spirits of her parents attack the Flandre (Komachi sent them to wreak vengeance upon Flandre, saving Alice). Orphan Alice ends up with a new mother Alice (who has her own series of comic strips, forming another branch of the "Yukkuri Hardship" series.) that gladly takes her in, but is quickly rejected when it figures that Orphan Alice can't speak properly (due to lack of normal parenting up till now). Although her adoptive mother stuffs her into a bag, Orphan Alice is still happy, because she has finally found a family.

There is a continuation story (by a different author) where an Anon subjects big Alice to some well deserved punishment for mistreating Orphan Alice.