Makako (まか子) is the most important artist of all Yukkuri fandom because his/her works established the foundations of Yukkuri looks and behavior. Makako drew the first bodied Yukkuris: the Scarlet Sisters, Reisen, Tewi, Teruyo, Shikieiki, Reimu, Marisa, Cirno. Kimeemaru, Orin and Mokotan; and some works show memes of Yukkuri fandom, such as the dinosaur suit for Yukkuri Remilia or the Suii.

Makako’s role in Yukkuri fandom should be mentioned. Makako was the first to create some of the staples of Yukkuri stories - pinching their cheek, light bullying, the fact that they are edible manju, and the concept of "refreshing!" - though only a lone Reimu getting refreshed from a cellphone on vibe, and Makako has yet to draw any yukkuri sex/births. Makako was also the first to draw yukkuri death, the Reimu owned by Sanae getting crushed by Kanako's defense pillars (even though it was shown to be alive in a follow up). Despite this, Makako does not draw any guro or violent torture, only light bullying.

It is thought that for a while, Makako retreated from Yukkuri fandom after people began making violent/torture edits of Makako’s work, to which he/she did not take kindly. However, recently what appear to be newer Makako works have been appearing.

Makako also produced artwork for a family friendly Yukkuri game. A translation for this game is yet to appear, however.

Artwork by Makako for the Yukkuri game.

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