Kind mother Reimu
Alternate names
Awesome Pixely Guy
one of uploaders
Original language
Based on story
Abuse Level
violence, death, psychological abuse


Mother Reimu has been raped by Alices, and gives birth to 3 Alice-types and one Reimu-type.

Mother Reimu hates the Alices because they remind her of the rapist, so she abuses them, while pampering the Reimu-type.

The small Reimu doesn't understand her mother's hostility towards her sisters, and befriends them.

Seeing them playing together, mother Reimu gets the impression her beloved Reimu daughter is being raped by the Alices, and attacks them, killing all but one when she's interrupted by a Yukkurisa.

Marisa drags Reimu before Yukkuri court (with Yukkuri Sikieiki as the judge), and Reimu is sentenced to death. Her children are adopted by the Yukkurisa.

While the mother Reimu is being beaten to death by a Reimu and a Marisa, rain begins to fall, and all the Yukkuris hurry to their houses, leaving wounded mother Reimu to die.

But her daughter Alice returns to her. Reimu treats her with hostility at first, but eventually accepts her to be her daughter, and urges her to hide from the rain. But the little Alice wants to be by her mother's side. Together, they melt in the rain.

Little Alice is reunited with her mother and sisters in heaven, or just dreams of it being so right before she dies.