Key hybrids.

Patchomi. an hybrid of a Kotomi and a Patcholli. Can be a Patcholli with much darker hair and Kotomi's hair bubbles in her hair or a Kotomi with a Patcholli's hat and other accessories. This hybrid is stronger and healthier than most Patchollis and smarter and more social than most Kotomis. a highly prised yukkuri.
sometimes knows magic

filling is apple pie with whipped cream

Ayalice - An hybrid of an Alice and an Ayu. Very affectionate and can build tools like a non rapist alice and fly like an ayu. filling consists of custard filled tayaki pastries.

Ryoutomi - an hybrid of an kyou and a kotomi. Very intelligent, often teaches yukkuri reading, math and other subjects.  affectionate towards both, and sometimes molests Kyous and kotomis.

roughly 40% of these hyrids are bodied.

Maiyuris - hybrids of saiyuris and Mais. Profecient with a sword, but very sweet and affectionate. Pet maiyuris are known to be good cooks and are often purchased by cooks, chefs and bakers. Very kind to other yukkuris and known to feed leftovers to strays. emotionally sensitive and easily depressed if yelled at, but tends to hide negative emotions with a fake smile. Protected by real Mais. Will usually only mate with Saiyuris, Mais or other maiyuris. filling is honey filled eclairs.

Fuayus - hybrids of fukos and ayus, these hybrids are very affectionate and hyperactive, very loyal to friends and owners and love children and young yukkuri. Very protective of the children of their human owners, espeically if the child is disabled. Will have long reddish orange hair with a blue bow, a red hair band and Ayu's winged backpack. Can fly very quickly due to it's small size, being smaller than even an fuko or an ayu.  often very clumsy, but always tries hard to complete any task

Filling is Taiyaki with oreo cream.


Filling is blueberry pie filling with whipped cream


Nikuman buns with chocolate filling


Nikuman buns with white chocolate filling


nikuman buns with chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Ayuzuzus (Ayu/Mizuzu hybrid)

Tayaki pastries with mango filling


jam filled pastries

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