A hybrid Ran and Alice yukkuri.


A hybrid Patche and Nitori yukkuri.

Hybrid Yukkuris are the result of Yukkuri breeding and bearing children that have shared traits of both parents, rather than being the exact same type as their parents.



A comic depicting method 2.


Hybrids born by method one.

These tend to be rare but highly sought after by Yukkuri enthusiasts and collectors.

A multitude of hybrid yukkuri have been known to exist, with the most prominent being Yukachen, a Yukkuri with Chen's ears and tails, and Yuka's hair coloring with a sunflower as an accessory.

Hybrids are surprisingly rare, given the simplicity with which they are often shown to be created. There are several methods that have been seen:

  1. The hybrid is a result of a mutation during reproduction.
  2. The hybrid is produced by a complete transfusion of paste/filling from another yukkuri. This process will usually drive it "insane", and its actions will become confused, conflicting, and as if it is trying to be controlled by two different brains. This method is not recommended, as it will not create a desired hybrid and the fused yukkuri will end up dying.
  3. Artificial hybridization can be performed by slicing in perfect halves two Paste Cores coming from two individuals of different types, and then reattaching the left half of one with the right half of the other and vice-versa with the help of a mix of 97% orange juice and 3% flour. The hybrid Paste Cores are then placed again into each yukkuri's body which reactivates life. Although, if not dead, the yukkuris will be most likely insane/catatonic/both. Induced fertilization is made, with the resulting offspring taking half of the traits from one type and half of the other due to copying the "new" Paste Core. The koyyukuris may or may not be born with "mental" disabilities. While this method is used by the Factory to produce hybrids on a massive scale, many owners and yukkuri collectors simply disregard this method, finding these hybrids inferior to "real" ones as well as the many issues that said yukkuri will suffer throughout its life.
  4. It is also known that when a Yukkuri was ready to reproduce, some of its offspring will look like the nearby Yukkuri which was near its parent Yukkuri.
Short table of basic properties of various Yukkuri hybrids
Name Hybrid of Filling Appearance Personality Additional effects
Akyu-chen Yukkuri Akyu / Hieda no Akyu & Yukkuri Chen / Yuka-chen ? Appearance of a regular Chen yukkuri, with Akyu's hair and a single flower resembling Akyu's. Sadistic, cute Is able to set intricate traps with which to torture other Yukkuri, provided they are not another Akyu-chen or a Yuka-chen.
Yukkuri Ayachen Yukkuri Aya & Yukkuri Chen Mocha Fudge Has a face & hairstyle similar to Yukkuri Chen, but is dressed like Aya, complete with tengu-hat and twin puffballs. Has black wings on its back. Exciteable?  ?
Blonde Yukkureimu Yukkuri Reimu & Yukkuri Marisa A combination of red and black bean paste? Appears to be a Yukkuri Reimu, but has bright blonde hair, and yellow eyes like a Yukkuri Marisa Behaves much like an ordinary Yukkureimu, but tends to end some of its sentences with "ze". Is sometimes regarded as the "Shiny" version of a Yukkuri Reimu.
Mokguya Yukkuri Kaguya & Yukkuri Mokou Microwave Chicken Yakisoba (Or something along those lines)? Has a Yukkuri Kaguya's hairstyle, but with a ribbon in its hair similar to Yukkuri Mokou's  ? May cause certain Yukkuris to go into shock.
Nitouli Yukkuri Nitori & Yukkuri Patchouli Cucumber Yoghurt Has a hat similar to Yukkuri Patchoulis, but it is colored like a Nitori's hat. Has bluish-purple hair done up in thick pigtails. Cheerful & intelligent Able to swim, and actually LIVE underwater. Apparently good friends with the shelled Yukkuri Marisas
Patchen Yukkuri Chen & Yukkuri Patchouli Chocolate icing? Appears to be a normal Mukyuu with cat ears, twin tails, and a sleepy cat-like smile on its face.  ?  ?
Ralice Yukkuri Alice & Yukkuri Ran  Tofu custard Similar to that of Yukkuri Ran, but with a hairband in replacement of the hat.  ? Even more attracted to Yukarin and Yukkuri Chen than usual. The effects of this attraction, of course, include rape.
Reimuchen Yukkuri Reimu & Yukkuri Chen Chocolate icecream with red bean paste Appears to be a normal Yukkureimu, but with cat ears on its head.  ?  ?
Reimukkyu Yukkuri Reimu & Yukkuri Patchouli Red bean paste & raw cream? The head has two hair areas with its respective sideburns, one from Reimu and other from Patchouli, both sideburns have Reimu's ribbon and Patchouli's hair area has a long tail at the back; the back of Reimu's hair has the half of a Reimu's ribbon and Patchouli's head is crowned with the half of a Patchouli's hat. Cute Refers itself as Reimu and says "Mukyu" sometimes. This hybrid was the first product of the Paste Core tainting technique.
Yukkuri Sansen Yukkuri Sanae & Yukkuri Reisen Fruitcake A Yukkuri Reisen with a face & hairstyle similar to Yukkuri Sanae. Cheerful  ?
Tensen Yukkuri Reisen & Yukkuri Tenshi Peach-flavored cake Similar to that of Yukkuri Reisen. However, it has Yukkuri Tenshi's hair and hat, with the rabbit ears poking out through holes in the hat. Not a masochist, but seems to adore attention to itself Naturally develops a body as part of its life cycle. Does the Suppatenko bit, where she instantly strips naked, to attract attention. Apparently is also able to control a miniature version of a Keystone rock.
Yuka-chen Yukkuri Yuka & Yukkuri Chen Sunflower seeds covered with even more chocolate than a regular Yukkuri Yuuka. Green cat ears with twin tails, and a sunflower near one of the ears.  ? Even the most sadistic Yukkuri torturers seem to be unable to harm the species. Could this be from the Crying Moe?


Yukkuri Orin & Yukkuri Yuka Cocolate fondue w/ sunflower seeds Looks similar to the more common Yuka-chen, but wears green instead of red, and has an Evil Spirit in place of a sunflower. Looks emo...  ?
Yukkuri Halfbreed Humans & Yukkuri The same as the original Yukkuri. A midget-sized human body with skin made of dough and contains the Yukkuri's filling. If the Yukkuri parent is a Yukkuri Remilia or Yukkuri Flandre, the body is identical to that of a regular human child. They appear to be human children cosplaying as Touhou characters, but... Varies Their behavior, appearance & abilities are similar to those of the Yukkuri they are born from.
Yukkuri Quarterbreed Humans & Yukkuri Halfbreed A mixture of human blood and Yukkuri filling A regular human body, with the Yukkuri's filling mixed with the blood. Skin might be protein-based and could have portions of filling shaped as human organs. They appear to be human children cosplaying as Touhou characters, but... Varies Their behavior, appearance & abilities are similar to those of the Yukkuri they are born from.