Hieda no Akyu
Full name
Hieda no Akyu
Official profile
Reincarnation, perfect memory
Human made weapons, tools (favors hammers) and traps
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Hieda no Akyu is one of characters of the Touhou project. If you're looking for detailed information on that, please see Hieda no Akyu's official profile at Touhou Wiki. This page focuses on an obscure internet meme vaguely related to that.

Hieda no Akyu is a young girl living in the Human Village in Gensokyo. She seems to be an ordinary child, but she's in fact the 9th reincarnation of the Child of Miare. She has the power to reincarnate without losing the memory of previous incarnations and her memory goes back 1200 years. She uses that to chronicle the history of Gensokyo, with each incarnation picking up the work where the last quit.

In Yukkuri CanonEdit


AQN wanting to refuse to kill a yukkuri.

In yukkuri stories she's an unusually vicious character. In addition to manually torturing tukkuri, she's often shown capturing them and placing them in engineered environments designed to inflict maximum discomfort and pain, without killing the victims (or just without killing them too fast). She may also conduct pseudo-scientific experiments on the yukkuri. This violent alter ego has been nicknamed AQN (Akyun). She has appeared less and less in yukkuri stories, however.