Rainbowcupcake88 Rainbowcupcake88 15 January

My Yukkuris!

I have a Mikkuri, and a Yukkureimu. I love them very much. Ask me anything!

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Ivoivivoibb Ivoivivoibb 26 August 2020




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Dajskk Dajskk 16 February 2016


It's started  37 years ago, when an Yukkuri utsuho exploded in the outside world causing the greatest disaster in the history. I was but a child when my whole life change on that fateful day, when the factory next to us suddenly exploded. My grandparents created a bomb shelter in the basement, my family survive the nuclear explosion. I was playing with my pet komarisa and her family, komarisa and me sow a Yukkuri utsuho carried by the group of hazmat wearing factory workers. Marisa said : "Miss don't near okkuri their dangerous and if you go them you will die ze". OK, a few days after the encounter with okkuri. As I walking to school I the nuclear sirens, rush back to my house here my parents are opening up the blast door of the Bunker and…

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Dajskk Dajskk 4 December 2015

At the Mountains of Madness

  • Stories of one man experience in mountain in Gensoukyou called mountain of faith but theirs order name of the mountain and its called at the mountain of madness. Started 27 years ago in Gensoukyou I was a write on the news paper, I traveling all over the world in search of a Yukkuris and new strange creatures. So I went Gensoukyou their the locol told me forbidden mountain were people gone miss or gone mad, they warn me not go to that mountain so never listen. So went by myself after I trek to the trail path to the mountain. As go towards the mountain, I hear laughing, when Listen closely I hear laughing in revervse the laughing grew louder and louder and louder, so I run as fast as I can. Laughing is getting closer
  • Ah ah ah ah
  • A its yurriku…
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Dajskk Dajskk 3 December 2015

Last Yukkuri on earth

After mass extermination of the whole Yukkuri race, the sole surviver is a Marisa type Yukkuri, the anon will exterminate last Yukkuri on earth. They took her on the factory their she was tortured by the anons seven days, after they're done they took her dying body to the anon there he/she crush her on his/her foot does ending the life of a Yukkuri and now no more Yukkuris to kil, abuse and tortured, that means they will go and died without any Yukkuris to tortured. The anons decide to tortured the originals touhou characters, but decide to started their own war against themselves. And both Yukkuris and the humans are extinct and nothing left but ruined cities of the old world but nature has a plan, ghost type has to repopulate the earth.


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Dajskk Dajskk 1 December 2015

Extinction of yukkuri

All Yukkuri now extinct

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Larcxione Larcxione 7 June 2010

Yukkuri Food.

Remilia states that she wants to eat something extraordinary, and leaves the task to Sakuya. Sakuya goes to the market, and sees a Remirya being auctioned. She finds out that they can be cooked, and learns the method.

1) Tear off the wings so they don't fly away. 2) Take off the hat and wash them. 3) Restrain them so they don't struggle and steam them.

She doesn't buy it, opting to catch one from the SDM instead. She finds a couple, stops time and abducts one of them, leaving the other one confused and in tears. She takes it to the basement, pulls off the wings, steams it alive (it screams a lot), cuts the meat into small pieces and wraps them with the skin. Remilia is quite pleased, and understands what the food is. She asks if Sakuya can m…

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Larcxione Larcxione 5 June 2010

A small Introduction.

Throughout the Interwebs, Yukkuri stories exist.

Every so often i will put up a small, story that I have found while hunting the Yukkuri.

The factory has announced five new products. We would like to invite you all to test them.

1) Instant Yukkuri Soup. A package with a small hole, containing rice and a live koyukkuri. All you have to do is pour boiling water into the hole. You may consider the screams as an elegant BGM, and when they stop, your soup is ready.

2) Bagged Yukkuris

A large number of koyukkuris in a bag. Saves you the trouble of carrying them seperately. Depending on your taste, you may eat the first one in front of the others, so the horror makes their bean paste sweeter, or you can eat them secretly, to keep the babylike sourness…

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CarefreeCat CarefreeCat 20 April 2010

My First Yukkuri

 Hello, there. My name is Anon, and I would like to tell you about something that happened a long, long, time ago.


 Believe it or not, I was once sick and tired of life. I just wanted to relax and take it easy. I thought, what better way to take it easy than to get a nice Yukkuri? I was terribly wrong.
 The next day, I decided to visit the pet store and see what they had. As I walked in, I was greeted by a large sign that had a picture of a Yukkuri saying, "Welcome, and please, Take It Easy!" I ignored the sign and walked straight to the large glass containers of Yukkuri. I watched as all of the cute Yukkuri slept easily, despite all of the noise in the store. Two Yukkuri caught my eye: a kind-looking Yukkuri Reimu, and a lovable Yukkuri M…

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CarefreeCat CarefreeCat 20 April 2010

Marisa and Reimu's Wonderful Friendship

This project has been canceled. Please ignore this page.

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CarefreeCat CarefreeCat 19 April 2010

How to Prepare a Yukkuri

1. Get a Yukkuri. Make sure it isn't a dangerous species, such as a Medicine or Flandre. Also make sure that Yukkuri's filling is to your liking, such as a Yukkuri Reimu's bean paste filling.

2. Buy some of your favorite spices. It doesn't matter what kind.

3. Take the spices and the new Yukkuri back to your house.

4. Let your Yukkuri get used to it's new (temporary) home.

5. Allow your Yukkuri to get acquainted with you, your friends, and your family.

6. Set your oven to OVER 9000 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Politely ask the Yukkuri if it would like to go inside the oven. If it complains, argues, or asks why, simply tell it that it can take it easy inside.

8. Wait 1 hour and 42 minutes.

9. Take out your freshly baked Yukkuri.

10. Put it on a plate. Any…

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CarefreeCat CarefreeCat 18 April 2010


Once there was a young man named Anon. He loved Yukkuri so much, that he loved Yukkuri. One day, he loved Yukkuri.


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