See also Madness

Anti-Yukkuritis (or "Uneasy illness") is the byproduct of a terminal form of depression, induced when a yukkuri believes it can't "take it easy" anymore.

While madness comes with a complete loss of mental faculties, the "anti-yukkuritis" is more akin to human depression, with a strong psychosomatic component, where a yukkuri feels increasingly depressed and unwilling to anything but lie, waiting for death.

In terminal cases of anti-yukkuritis, the stress may cause them to throw up their bean paste.

Mostly every distasteful condition preventing a yukkuri from taking it easy may give them "anti-yukkuritis": being forced to live in an unclean, poo poo filled yukkurarium, being left alone for a long time, being forced to eat uneasy food, being verbally bullied, or even being misnamed may lead to depression and anti-yukkuritis.

The only known cure for earlier stages of anti-yukkuritis is making the yukkuri take it easy again by giving it a better living space, better food, and allowing it be comforted. For a lonely koyukkuri, direct physical comfort, such as gently petting it and praising it, is allowed and encouraged. However, while it may counter the depression, relieving the Anti-Yukkuritis from the koyukkuri in such way may also inflate its ego, possibly making it become a shithead, so the owner should be extremely careful.

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