Alice Margatroid
Full name
Alice Margatroid
Official profile
Youkai Magician
flight, magic, making animated dolls
attacks with the help of animated dolls
Color scheme
light blue

Alice Margatroid is one of characters of the Touhou project. If you're looking for detailed information on that, please visit Alice Margatroid's official profile at Touhou Wiki. This page focuses on an obscure internet meme vaguely related to that.

Alice Margatroid is a magician who lives in a house in the forest of magic in Gensokyo. She's usually portrayed as a kind of loner, obsessed with her dolls. Sometimes she's in a complicated love/hate relationship with Marisa Kirisame, and this finds reflection in Yukkuri stories.

In Yukkuri stories, Alice Margatroid is often portrayed dealing with Yukkuri Marisas and Yukkuri Reimus.

She's shown as unable to express her feelings of love to the real Marisa. Instead she keeps a Yukkurisa as a pet and transferrs her feelings onto her, obsessing over it, sometimes creating emotionally abusive relationship, and sometimes engaging in erotic activities with the Yukkurisa.

She may also be jealous of Reimu Hakurei's friendship with Marisa, and taking out her frustrations on Yukkuri Reimus.